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At home dumpling-making kit


Kick your dumpling-making skills up to 11 with our complete at-home dumpling making kit.

Paired with head Kings Co Imperial chef Josh Grinker's video tutorials (you can check them out here) our kit includes everything you need to make your own world-class steamed and fried dumpling from your own kitchen.

Each kit comes with:

Bamboo steamer basket - our branded version contains two baskets and a lid - just place in a wok, pot, or pan with boiling water and steam to your heart's content. 

Dumpling Rolling pin - these smooth wooden dowels are 14" long and thin enough to be used one handed when making "skins" for your dumplings and potstickers. 

Kings Co Imperial Dumpling Sauce - 8 oz of the good stuff

If you're short on time or just want to keep things easy (and still homemade) you can also order up some dumpling dough (frozen) and fillings for pork, chicken, and bok choy (vegan) dumplings.

Each order of dumpling filling contains 12 oz (enough for 6 dumplings)


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